Every year Sunflower Bank teams up with local students, families, and schools to support local education. Since 2001, the bank has donated over a million dollars to schools with this program. 

Sunflower Bank ABC Program materials

I designed the apple/chalkboard graphic a few years ago, and we continue to use that for consistency, but every year we need a new theme and visuals. Here are three preliminary ideas that I presented to the client.

Sketches often help clients see the ‘big picture’ and to understand that everything is flexible at this point.

We opted for the third concept, the colorful flat design ‘SuperHero’ approach.

Posters, promotional cards, deposit receipts, and name badges are created without individual branch addresses and phone numbers, and they all go to the same commercial printer. Coordinating this first group of materials is relatively simple. Outdoor banners have a few variations in size which make them a bit more complicated to produce and organize. But the important goal for this part of the campaign is that the design must be distilled into as few eye-catching images and words as possible. 

The newspaper ads are always a challenge. They’re created for each market’s local newspaper with specific size requirements and branch address and phone number. It’s not unusual to create 30 different ads for campaigns like this, and it’s a big responsibility to make sure the ads are correct, both in content and size.

Other miscellaneous pieces are designed and produced for the campaign: digital ads, ATM screens, web banners, social media graphics, and more.

Last but certainly not least, we make sure the correct version of the disclosure is used on each piece, as well as other information required by financial regulations. Making these elements visible without interfering in the design is often tricky. Of course, each piece must be approved by the bank’s compliance department before sending files to be printed.

Each year I look forward to designing and producing the materials for this community-focused campaign. The bank’s total donation after this campaign increased 20%. 

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