Pickel & Bruckner

Design First-Timers

Pickel & Bruckner, CPAs had never worked with a designer. Their logo consisted of their last names in varying serf fonts with an ampersand in between. They had a registered domain name but no active website. We changed all that. 

Their logo we designed is clean and contemporary, while still maintaining the professional feel that they wanted. The color scheme reinforces that feeling on their simple corporate stationery. 

Three different layouts for stationery were presented, each inspired by the masculine feel of the logo. The client opted for the design shown at right. 

Both accountants and their staff are big golfers, so this polo shirt is a perfect way for Pickel & Brucker to express their appreciation to their clients. 

Pickel & Bruckner’s website gives clients a place to land when searching for accountants, and they can find out basic info about the company. See the site here.

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