Right brain, left brain

bookish bombshell

bookish-bombshellEvidence of my ‘day job’ appears in my collages: as a graphic designer I like things to be neat, orderly, and well-balanced. But when I create personal work, an unplanned narrative often occurs within those boundaries.

My collages tell a story. I start with an idea, an image, or a word, and build from there. In this case, the inspiration was the title of the Lincoln Art Center exhibition, Book It. After deciding on a vintage dictionary page as a background, I began rummaging through my collection of odd and ends and other ephemera, looking for elements that might move the imagined narrative along. I’m often surprised at the direction the story takes.

If the collage needs a particular item and I don’t have an image of it, I’ll draw or paint one. This was the case with Bookish Bombshell. The woman needed some snazzy cat-eye glasses to see her world more clearly (and to read the dictionary page), but I didn’t have a pair that worked. So I drew them.

I hope viewers are inspired to make up their own version of the story: who’s the woman, what did she see with her glasses, did she have a special relationship to any other of the ‘B’ words on the page?

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