What bank isn’t interested in gaining new customers? But what will attract people’s scattered attention is this distracted world? That was the challenge of this quarterly campaign. 

I started by sketching out several ideas, keeping in mind the hook for this campaign was the $200 customers could get for opening an account. The client opted to go with idea #2, Your Best Move. The original concept was to use silhouettes rather than photos, but after a discussion about the pros and cons, we opted to shift to a photographic approach. There’s seldom a budget for custom photography, so the search for stock images began.

A quarterly campaign for this bank generally consists of the pieces listed at right. Missing from this campaign were drive-thru banners, deposit receipts, and newspaper ads. A fun addition was adapting the graphics for a city bus in Denver. 

  • large poster
  • small flyer
  • take-ones (3.5″ x 8.5″ cards)
  • name badges
  • business card-size handouts
  • lighted supermarket branch display
  • web/social media graphics
  • digital ads

The target was women ages 30-50, so photos were selected with that in mind. Many pieces were created with two sets of images — one of a woman and girl dancing in an urban loft and one with three women posed together dancing on a pink background. The choice of images was determined by demographics in particular markets. In addition, two giant hundred dollar bills were incorporated into the design, just because ‘real’ money will always make people look.



All pieces were created for two different banks, requiring different logos and different disclosures (see more about that here), and some were translated into Spanish. Keeping track of the these details is a big part of the job, and we keep things straight by using a spreadsheet listing all the permutations of each piece and who’s responsible for what. The campaign was a deemed a success, and the pursuit of new checking customers continues. 

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