Kamala Harris has some of the best branding in the 2020 Presidential campaign so far (though not everyone agrees with me). Its strength lies in its simplicity.

Kamala Harris logos

Harris is the only candidate who has included her tagline in the main graphic, creating a well-balanced, asymmetrical design. Without the tagline there really is no logo, just ‘Kamala Harris’ set in all caps. The typography is a bold, sans serif font (Bureau Grot) — clean, modern, and readable at a glance. The unusual choice of a purple/red/yellow color scheme distinguishes her from most other candidates, many of which use some form of blue. When the yellow background is omitted, the purple/red logo packs even more punch. In one-color — black or white — an adjustment is required to distinguish her name from the tagline, but the logo doesn’t suffer too much. 

The branding was created by Wide Eye agency, who say they took a page from Shirley Chisholm’s 1972 Presidential bid when designing for Harris.

The entire campaign presents Harris as straightforward, smart, and unafraid to take risks. It’ll be interesting to see how this branding campaign holds up as the Presidential campaign heats up.